King Dispenser RX Tablet and Capsule Counting Machine Brochure


King Dispenser RX Tablet and Capsule Counting Machines

The Dispenser RX Tablet and Capsule Counter Is a fast, accurate and versatile counting machine suitable for multi-batch counting and off-line quality control checking and Inventory auditing.

Tablets or Capsules are fed from a bulk hopper onto a vibratory feeder tray which gently sorts and aligns the product Into a single circular path In order to drop one at a time through a sensor array for counting then onwards through a diverter flap and funnel system Into waiting containers.

Every time a product passes the sensor the count value ls updated on the machines colour touchscreen display untit the target count ls reached. At.the completion of the preset count, a flap diverts the next quantity of tablets to a pre-placed empty container so the filled container can be removed. Additional on screen functions allow the operator to easily adjust the count value, vibration levels, batch quantities and other key settings.